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September 29, 2007



Zac Efron is not fooling anybody

Sat Sep 29, 2007, 12:19 PM
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So I finally saw the Hairspray movie a while back.  I was disappointed.  I knew I would be, the play is so insanely awesome that there's no way the movie (especially with all the changes) could possibly live up to it.  I just want an illegal bootleg video of the play.  That would be great.

Things I liked:

Nikki Blonsky is cute as a button.  And if that's really her singing, she's a good singer too.  The dude who played Corny Collins was great too, and so was Seaweed, and even Amanda Bynes wasn't half bad.  The Seaweed and Penny romance was very cute.  I also liked the songs that they didn't change (what few there were) and "The New Girl In Town."  And Zac Efron is a dork, which I think fits Link.

Things I didn't like:

Just about everything else really.  Every one of the changes, the opening sequence (poor lonely Tracy!) the GAPING plotholes (poor wanted Tracy!) and John Travolta. John Travolta was TERRIBLE in that role.  He had this stupid fake accent that went in and out, and he just hammed it up too much.  You're supposed to play Edna straight.  That's the joke.

So, of the three versions of this story, it goes: stage version, '88 movie, '07 movie.

Oh, and Zac?  Come out already, seriously.  First there was High School Musical.  The message of that trite piece of bubblegum pop is "Be Yourself."  Which as we all know translates to "It's Okay to be Gay."  And his role right after that is a big Broadway musical!  Musical!  Come on buddy, do the gay community a favor and take your shirt off for Out Magazine.

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DeGei Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2007
I saw this and liked it.
The thought of John Travolta and Christopher Walken as a couple though.... *shudders*
EvilAuthor Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Being in a musical makes you gay?
::thinks back to the cute actor who Evil bought a button from at Avenue Q:: GASP! He was gay. OH NOES!
I saw the previews for the Hairspray movie and I knew right away I wouldn't like it, which is why I haven't seen it even though I normally love musicals. This review just confirms it.
BatNeko Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm just teasing him 'cause he has terrible taste in roles. He could be gay though, I dunno.
Komitadjie Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
Maybe that's one of those movies you have to be drunk to appreciate? I dunno, the whole idea seemed a bit thready to me.
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